Brain Solutions


Fiagon set out 10 years ago to reimagine how image guidance could support your procedures everyday– the routine and the complex. Today, Fiagon’s portfolio offers surgical solutions in operating theaters around the world, enabling your surgical excellence with easy-to-use, integrated navigation.


Fiagon Brain Navigation System

A uniquely small and compact navigation system meticulously designed with you in mind. In line with our company approach, we have packed the power of navigation into a small system that maximizes your workflow, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your patients.

Key Brain Features:

  • Proprietary recognition of and compensation for distortion in the electromagnetic field
  • CT/MRI Image Fusion
  • Full screen video and image capture, including endoscope and navigation
  • Single or Multi-screen utilization
  • Zero-Footprint integration into your operating table and endoscopic stack


Fiagon offers a reimagining of surgical instruments with unprecedented versatility. All of our instruments feature direct navigation, meaning we’ve engineered microsensors into the distal tip of our instruments allowing you to flex, bend, and control your instruments with seamless accuracy.

FlexPointer Cranial

A round-tip navigation probe featuring Fiagon’s direct navigation and malleability. This easily manipulated instrument is an excellent support tool for your every-day and most difficult cases alike.

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