Award for state-of-the-art surgical technology

“Center of Excellence Award” for navigated ENT surgery

Photo: University Clinic Erlangen
Dr. Dirk Mucha (r.), CTO of Fiagon GmbH, handed over the “Center of Excellence Award” for navigated ENT surgery to the Clinic Director Prof. Dr. Dr. h. Heinrich Iro (left) and Prof. Dr. Christopher Bohr, Head of the Department of Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology at the ENT Clinic.

“The data obtained from the registration and the tomography are compared with each other and allow a detailed representation of the anatomical structures and thus a precise navigation,” explained Prof. Iro. “This increases the precision and safety of our operations.”

“With this award, we would like to thank the extraordinary willingness of the University Clinic Erlangen to cooperate in joint development,” said Dr. Dirk Mucha, CTO of Fiagon GmbH.

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